New International Threads Quilt, Sheep and Accent stitching

So far this week I seem to have spent many hours at my sewing machine, and have a few new pieces of work to share.

My International threads quilt is finished. The title set by Barbara from Germany was “repetition”

I took lots of photos whilst in Le Harve in France of the flats designed by Perret in the early 50’s. There are many blocks throughout the town, all with the same size and shape windows.

Image 9


I have dithered today whether to add some colour or paint and in the end decided to keep it quite conventional. It was fun to make and has very happy memories.

My latest sheep pictures seem to be very popular, I stitched these ones on a piece of Lancashire tweed that I bought at the Quilt Show in Harrogate at the weekend.

Image 10

Image 15

Image 14

On Sunday I picked up from Malwina (Wonderfil) some more Accent threads for a workshop in October and made some more ipad covers. I have made 3 more from the pieces of felt I had left over from the Tigers and Goats.

Image 12

This shows the front and back. I have the little flap to make it easy to get the ipad out worked out now. The designs were all taken from Indian textiles.

Image 7

Here are the front and back of another one. I love working on screen printed dyed wool felt.

Image 8

I now have a few ideas for new workshops – I just need now to write them up. 

My new screens that I designed arrived – I have a plan for using them but next week will be too busy.


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