The Quilt Cabin Hebden Bridge

Yesterday was one of those really good days when I know why I like teaching.

The Quilt Cabin is in Hebden Bridge, only a small shop and has been open for less than a year, but I love teach there and working with Elaine. I arrive and it is tidy and clean – I haven’t had to worry about tidying my studio and cleaning up etc. Coffee is provided and yesterday we even had home made scones made by Jane.

I have been teaching a 3 day course spread over a few weeks

Take a Simple Shape

so we have gone from design to making a wallhanging with students doing some homework in between.

The students were very nervous on day 1 stressing about their ability to draw, design and stitch.

The results are fabulous – I am sure these could be put in an exhibition.







A lovely group of students and I hope we they will return for more classes.


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