Student work

I’m been doing so much teaching over the last couple of weeks that I have had little time to do any of my own work.

I alway love to receive emails from students with attached photos of finished projects

Here is a photo of a finished Indian Ladies kit from a student who was on a course at the Bramble patch.

Looks great!

Image 2

And here is a photo of a finished Flower Kit. I love the background!


I took a photo of one of the students work on a Cow parsley and seed heads workshop at the Bramble Patch – fabulous (especially as Rebecca wanted to start again half way through the day)

Image 6

Here a few of photos of students work on the “Take a Simple Shape workshop”

Image 9

Image 7

Image 8

Students working hard!

Image 3

Image 4

These don’t look much but they are the beginnings of a new quilt!

One day last week I went to a talk by Luke Haynes at Simple Solid’s at a new Patchwork and Quilting Shop just outside of Huddersfield.

Image 5

He gave a very good presentation and I loved listening to his approach to quilting. It gave me lots to think about.


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