Weekend in Suffolk

Several months ago I received an email that went a bit like this

“I have a crazy idea – Are you free at the beginning of November?”

A lovely lady who follows my blog wanted to have a textile weekend and invite some of her friends. I have just returned from having a most enjoyable weekend where I have been so well looked after. I gave a talk, and organised a couple of workshops. On Saturday afternoon we had a workshop for over 30 people including some little children. Everyone made a small stitched panel. I was a bit nervous – i have never run a workshop for so many but it worked well!






Here are some of the results from Saturdays workshop that included printing applique and stitch.


Before I left for Suffolk I managed to finish another of my flower panels. I prefer the echinacea quilt I made a couple of weeks ago but I am perfecting the use of Lana thread and working out good ways to teach how to use Acid dyes with screen printing and stitching over the top. On Friday I spent some time talking to Mandy from Colourcraft about the best way to dye and print the wool. She is so knowledgeable and I think their products are reasonably priced.

So now I have threads from Aurifil and will be able to sell the Acid Dyes and fabric paints from Colourcraft I will have a new workshop soon.

I will post a better photo another time



One thought on “Weekend in Suffolk

  1. This weekend was just what I needed to get me off the starting blocks towards producing something creative! It was brilliant!

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