West County Show

The last couple of weeks have been so busy. Ok most weeks are busy for me, but I am looking forward to next week at home.
I taught for 3 days at the Bramble Patch, one day teaching sheep stitching and 2 days the Town Houses.
I always enjoy teaching there, lovely space to work and always some good work produced.



Not really sure why the photos are upside down etc.
So after teaching in Northampton I drove to Luton to catch the plane to Budapest arriving at midnight. I had to be up and ready with my quilts and in a taxi at 8am so that they could be hung for an exhibition.
It was great to revisit the city and go to the Ethnographic Museum again.
I taught the next day at the Hungarian Quilters Guild Meeting. It was a good day but unfortunately my camera was stolen, along with all my photos.
I then went to a quilt exhibition and met up with a few Hungarian friends, who I have met at various quilt shows throughout the World.


I was given a beautiful old piece of Hungarian stitching.
Monday I spent a lovely day with Zsofi at her flat in Budapest looking at her textiles and just chatting. I am so lucky to have so many lovely quilt friends from all over the World.

I arrived in to Luton and I knew it was going to be too late to drive all the way home so I stayed at my friends Ann and Steve’s in Leicester and left at around 6.30 to get the Hebden Bridge for teaching a class at 10.00. I only just made it!



It was a bit of a rush to leave the next day for the West County Show where I have an exhibition.
It is only a small show but a pleasure to be at, and my gallery space is huge.



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