I was in Northumberland at the weekend and took some photos that may be useful as inspiration for a new quilt that I need to make for the group I belong to called International Threads. With lots of blue sky and bright sunshine, although it was cold, and my old camera I managed to take lots of suitable photos. I am not sure which direction i will go with my quilt but here are plenty of photos to inspire me. Now I just need some time to make it










IMG_1560 IMG_1561 IMG_1563 IMG_1614 IMG_1615

IMG_1530 IMG_1624 IMG_1527 IMG_1525 IMG_1593 IMG_1597


4 thoughts on “Lines

  1. Thank you for sharing your inspirations, great photos, wish I’d taken them myself. I find your blogs fascinating, do keep sharing…

  2. Gillian I love your Northumberland photos, isn’t it a beautiful part of the country? One of those photos looks exactly like quilted stippling! Looking forward already to whatever you come up with as a result of these. Have you ever been to the North Norfolk coast, I think you would find the landscape there an inspiration too.

  3. Thanks for yet another inspirational collection of photographs. I have enjoyed your blog. Keep it up. Looking forward to following your progress next year. Happy Christmas to you Gill and all your family.

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