More thread

It is good to have some time to catch up and get a few pieces finished.

When i was making my Dislocation piece earlier in the year I cut out lots of jug shapes, lightly ironed them on to a background and realised it didn’t look right so started again. This week I wondered if I was able to peel them off the background and Yes it worked. I then re-ironed them on to a dark pieced background and they looked much better. I then quilted it using Wonderfil Spagetti thread. Without my little snag magic tool I think it would have taken ages to put all the threads to the back.

This is what the back looked like



It was easily covered with a piece of backing fabric, although I do like the back!

Here is the finished quilt


I have a couple of Sheep workshops planned for early 2015. Alex from Aurifil kindly sent me a load of new thread for the workshops. They may look boring from the photograph but with all the different coloured beige, white, grey and cream threads students will be able to produce some lovely work I hope.

Thanks again Alex.



I made up some bags of the thread ready for the next workshop


I started to think about another new workshop for later in the year. Making a “jumper” quilt would take too long but either a needle case, scissor case or pincushion etc could be made in a day

The back and front will always be different. Some work is needed to get them perfect but this is a start


IMG_3180The other exciting thing that happened today was that 2 boxes of new kits arrived from India. The new colours are fabulous. I love them. My next job is to do some design work to make some new patterns. and write up the instructions I will post some pictures once they have been designed and made. The flowers will be a bit bigger and this time they include some shell buttons.



One thought on “More thread

  1. The jug quilt is wonderful – so graphic! But I must say that when I first saw the thread piece I thought it was the front of a quilt. You could have made this one a two-sided piece or art:-).

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