New Flower Kits

It feels almost the end of the holidays, and I have been back to work today! I have spent time in between the Christmas celebrations spring cleaning my studio. I think I have 6 black bin liners full of old teaching notes. I decided that nowadays I would go to the internet first for info, and all my teaching notes were no longer needed.
About 20 years of teaching notes good for lighting the fire!
I have also been doing my tax return, Making quilts is so easy compared to filling in a tax return form.
4 big boxes arrived from India this week. They are my new flower kits. Today I made up some of the new designs. There will be a pink kit, a blue kit and a mixed one. Each kit will have 5 different designs, and you will be able to make 5 flowers. They also include the beautiful shell buttons.



We have had fabulous weather over the holidays. Beautiful bright blue skies and lots of snow, so I have taken masses of photos. I put an album on to facebook. It is good to see how many people have looked at the photos.


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