Teaching in Ireland

I think almost all of the students attending the 2 2day courses that I have just run in Ireland were exhausted. We have all worked so hard but it has been such fun and very enjoyable, It was so lovely to teach such committed and enthusiastic students and to see such fabulous at the end of the 4 days.
They did a Townscape course for the first 2 days and then a “take a simple shape” course for the next 2 days.
Here are some photos showing students really concentrating.



The next 2 days were spent working on the shape patterns with some really good results











At the end it was a mad dash to get the last ones pinned down so everyone helped




Geeta’s Quilt collection in Mumbai

Whilst in Mumbai Fiona H and I were invited to visit Geeta to look at her Quilt Collection. I met Geeta at the Festival of Quilts in 2013.
She has a large collection of quilts collected from villages in India.
She is such a gentle lady and her house is beautiful. We felt so privileged to be shown some of her collection and also some of her work.
Here are just a few photos of some of the quilts and of her home.
Now I just need to find some time to read her book.
It is easy to see how my photos taken in the market would make a strippy quilt









Why India?

Why did I go to India again?

There were 3 reasons why i went back to India. The first because I just love the people, the colour, the sunshine and the food. The second – i was offered some teaching in Mumbai. i taught a group of expat ladies how to make an Indian Ladies panel. It was no different to teaching a group of women in the UK except we had the aircon on rather than the heating. Students were from all around the world. It was a lovely day (apart from the cold I developed) and thanks to Fiona Hogg for being hostess.





The last reason was to visit Fiona and Praveen at the Stitching Project in Pushkar. I first visited them in 2012 when I was with my daughter and her 2 friends and it was the start of a our project to make my flower kits and our friendship.They have extended the workshop so that they have a large printing room now. It will be great when it is put to it’s full use when they have their creative camp there in March.

I arranged to meet them on the highway near Bagru so here is where I waited for them. I caused a little bit of attention as I was busy tying up my fabric using cable ties so that it was ready for putting in the indigo pot






Our first visit was to the block carver who has carved the blocks for my Indian Lady kit.IMG_0201


IMG_0204 IMG_0212


We then went to a supplier – look at the blocks all beautifully organised.

IMG_0222Next stop was to the indigo man who dyed my fabric for me. Ive seen indigo dying many times but I always enjoy watching the fabric change from green to blue




I love the colours of this rug

IMG_0251 IMG_0301



On the way home we stopped at a restaurant for a late lunch. I love the translations on menus. I decided not to have cooked cottageIMG_0306



My fabric drying in the sun



i was looking forward to being able to have a few days in the workshop just playing and printing. Here I am printing on to some of my flower kit fabric



I cant remember the names of everyone at the Stitching Project but here are some photos of them



IMG_0533 IMG_0520 IMG_0516 IMG_0561 IMG_0551


Stitching work was to be collected from a village so we went to collect some stitching from the women.



Each woman is given a bag with some thread and some handles and a small photocopied instruction sheet




The small piece of paper that is the instruction sheet is very important to keep the stitching the correct distance apart.



Here Praveen is handing out the money.

IMG_0600 IMG_0599


Paying the women seemed a very stressful occasion, as it is important for the women to be taught that the stitching must be neat and straight. Any pieces that had bigger stitches and stitches that wobbled were rejected and the women asked to pull out the stitching and redo it. In the photo you can see one of the girls signing for the money she has just received. The women receive a relatively small amount of money but are very grateful

IMG_0605 IMG_0585








I am still in India and I thought I should write a post as I finally have a few minutes spare to catch up. But where do I start?
I can’t just write up my thoughts etc in a few minutes – India is so complicated
So some of the highlights since the last post.
Visits to the City Palace and City museum in Jaipur
Indigo dying in Bagru
Printing at the Stitching Project in Pushkar
Spending a few days with Fiona and Praveen
Visiting the women in the village to collect their stitching
Folk and utensil museums in Ahmedabad
Seeing all the lanterns in the night sky
Kite festival
Attending an Indian wedding
Seeing double ikat and masroo fabrics being woven in Patan
Meeting up with Geeta in Mumbai and seeing her quilt collection.
Spending a few days with Fiona H and hearing all about expat life
Fabulous food
Taking a few hundred or is it a few thousand photos?

So I will write it all up properly and include a few photos when I have had time to digest it all