So…I have arrived in India. No photos to show.
I’ll explain.
My baggage is still in France.
So 24 hours without a toothbrush, clean clothes, my camera etc etc has been hard.
However I have been shopping, bought lots of buttons, wooden printing blocks and had a very enjoyable afternoon with Anju who runs the Delhi Quilt Guid Group.
It is only a very quick visit to Delhi and go on to Jaipur tomorrow, hopefully with a suitcase but I am not sure I have much faith in Air France.


3 thoughts on “India

  1. Pleased you have arrived safely, hope luggage catches up with you soon. Good job your in a country where it’s cheap to buy things. Look forward to seeing some photos. Enjoy.

  2. oh, my goodness. Hope your baggage catches up with you in Jaipur. Air France is probably no worse than United Airlines or any of the others, when it comes to baggage. Have fun and keep us posted.

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