I am still in India and I thought I should write a post as I finally have a few minutes spare to catch up. But where do I start?
I can’t just write up my thoughts etc in a few minutes – India is so complicated
So some of the highlights since the last post.
Visits to the City Palace and City museum in Jaipur
Indigo dying in Bagru
Printing at the Stitching Project in Pushkar
Spending a few days with Fiona and Praveen
Visiting the women in the village to collect their stitching
Folk and utensil museums in Ahmedabad
Seeing all the lanterns in the night sky
Kite festival
Attending an Indian wedding
Seeing double ikat and masroo fabrics being woven in Patan
Meeting up with Geeta in Mumbai and seeing her quilt collection.
Spending a few days with Fiona H and hearing all about expat life
Fabulous food
Taking a few hundred or is it a few thousand photos?

So I will write it all up properly and include a few photos when I have had time to digest it all


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