Boring week

Last week was a very productive week this week has just been boring and quite stressful.

My computer wouldn’t start so that meant an hours drive to the Apple Shop in Bradford and then 2 days later I had to pick it up. It is still not right.

I had a photographer come to my studio to photograph my quilts. It feels good to know that now I have a really good quality image of most of my pieces of work.

I am very impressed with his photographs of my flowers

I have had a meeting with the Graphic Designer and he will do the Graphics for my new Flower Kits. It takes ages to get all the correct photos with the right text etc etc. I have to get it right as there will be 500 printed. My studio is stuffed full of flower kits, without instructions.

I have a new kit that will be ready for FOQ in August. It is a game that you can stitch based on an indian game ( a bit like Ludo).

Hand or Machine Stitched?





I have done some requirements lists for new 1 day courses – always find this hard.

I have done all the paperwork for my quilts that will go in an exhibition in the States in June, and for an exhibition in Prague in April.

And my Indian Bride is finished..still needs a bit of light coloured paint on the cheek.




A busy week

With only a little teaching this week I have had time to catch up. My plan was to write the instructions for the graphic designer for my new Flower Kits and update my website but I would rather be doing some stitching.

On Tuesday I taught how to make the 1950’s flowers panel and decided I needed some more samples for teaching the same class in the Summer so made this piece using some hand block printed fabrics and some navy blue indigo dyed fabrics with some applique over the top. The photo was taken with my phone so the colours are not very accurate

photo 2


I have been playing with some of the indigo fabric I bought back from India and tried putting some applique over the top but it was “lost” so more playing needed

photo 4 photo 3


I have been asked to make a piece, I think for auction, for the Quilters Guild Conference so finished this piece and will send it off tomorrow.

photo 1

I finished stitching some more mittens and started stitching them together. Each square is 4″ so it is quite big. There is still a bit of work needed to finish it.


Finally, I have started on the last of my International threads pieces for exhibition in Prague in April. This is the challenge I set called Sketch. I decided to sketch straight on to the fabric, using one of my photographs that I took in India as a starting point.  i’m using a lot of metallic thread, which I rarely use. I also intend to stitch or maybe glue lots of jewels to it. The hands need more paint. Her cheek needs some more work and I would like to try to get her smiling a bit more. This one is 40cm x 80cm

photo 5


Residential Courses

For the last few years I have run residential courses in the South lakes at Grange Over Sands. I have had a lot of interest and have decided to run 2 this year in November.

Here are all the details

Email me if you are interested. I already have a few bookings for each week

Residential course at Abbott hall

Grange over Sands

I hope to be able to run 2 courses this year

16th November – 20th November

23rd November – 27th November

It will run from Monday lunchtime to Friday lunchtime

I keep the costs to a minimum but need to check the prices but it will not be more than £400 and that includes

Single ensuite rooms

Monday evening meal, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday breakfast and evening meal, Friday breakfast.

All teaching but not materials

Use of swimming pool

Tea coffee and cake


9.0 – 12.30

4.0 – 6.30

8.0 – whenever

 16th November – 20th November

Draw Design and Stitch

Same course as last year’s successful week


Design and Draw

Using our ipads, camera, phones etc we will go for a short walk (hopefully the weather will be ok) and take some inspirational photos.

Back in the studio we will draw from these photos, we will look at ways of tracing, copying, printing etc to make it easy for ourselves.

Design work will involve drawing lines with different media eg pens, pencils etc

Looking at artists work eg Rothko, Van Gogh, Angie Lewin etc


Printing, painting on to paper in the morning. I will have lots of blocks and screens with me.

In the early evening session we will cut and tear these papers to make some designs

You might like to walk into Grange over Sands on Tuesday afternoon


Printing on to fabric.

Silk Painting?

We will block and screen print in the morning and in the early evening start to stitch.

If the weather is ok in the afternoon we will go on the train to Arnside. It’s a short but spectacular train ride.


Stitching – free machine skills, using unusual threads etc

Piecing – joining the printed fabrics together

Machine embroidery skills


Finishing off

Group get together etc

23rd – 27th November

Take a simple shape continued

We will start with some design work based on Notan and Counterchange

For those that may have done this before we will spend lots more time playing with papers etc

Next we will transfer these designs to fabric (batik fabric works well)

We will then go on to using felt, we can dye our own or use purchased felt.

We will screen print it and then add stitch

I use an innovative method to assemble it all and it will be revealed after FOQ!

Have a look at my Pomegranate, Pears, Jugs, Turnips, Jumpers, hats and mittens quilts!

There are so many possibilities

Those students who attended last years course will have the chance to book this course first

I do all the admin and run these courses myself so

I need a deposit of £50 made payable to Christian Guild and a cheque made out for the remainder to me. I will only cash this if you have to cancel less than 2 weeks before the course, unless you can find a replacement. You can pay by paypal or credit card the hotel after the week and pay me for the teaching by transfer.

I have had to ask for a cheque made out to me as someone cancelled the day before last year!

I will need your name, address, email address, phone number etc, and you may wish to take out holiday insurance


Some new work

After my trip to India I came back to a lot of teaching commitments, but also lots of ideas for new work.

Here is the finished teaching sample I started whilst showing students how to make an Indian Lady panel in Mumbai. i have finished it, by doing some more stitching and trimming it.


I have made 2 Journal quilts. This year they are to be 6″ x 12″. January shows a young boy flying his kite in Pushkar. I loved his pose. Most of the kite strings are pink but I think I have made his a bit thick.


February’s quilt shows a group of children at the sun temple near Patola

This was just fun to make. The children are appliqued, the rest painted


I have finished my Icelandic Jumper Quilt. This one is 25ins x 35″. the colours are a little different from my usual colours. All made from hand dyed wool felt. I am teaching how to make the jumpers in September at the Bramble Patch and The Quilt Cabin in Hebden Bridge


My Turnip or maybe it is my Beetroot Quilt is finished.

I love the colours and am very happy with the way it has turned out. It will be the first of the Voyage Challenge “Nature Abstracted” Quilts. This one is A2 size


More simple shape quilts

It was just a silly idea I had to make a quilt based on Pomegranates.

I have been working on the idea and developing to concept and am now teaching it. I am so enjoying the teaching and students are producing some fabulous results.

Some superb colours chosen in yesterday’s workshop at the Bramble Patch. Now I just want to get on with my “turnip” quilt.

In between the teaching yesterday I kept swapping the fabric i`wanted to buy until I got it just right. All will be revealed when I get it put together.

Here are some of the students work

Hphoto 1 photo 1 photo 1 photo 2 photo 2 photo 4 photo 3 photo 3 photo 3 photo 2 ere a