A busy week

With only a little teaching this week I have had time to catch up. My plan was to write the instructions for the graphic designer for my new Flower Kits and update my website but I would rather be doing some stitching.

On Tuesday I taught how to make the 1950’s flowers panel and decided I needed some more samples for teaching the same class in the Summer so made this piece using some hand block printed fabrics and some navy blue indigo dyed fabrics with some applique over the top. The photo was taken with my phone so the colours are not very accurate

photo 2


I have been playing with some of the indigo fabric I bought back from India and tried putting some applique over the top but it was “lost” so more playing needed

photo 4 photo 3


I have been asked to make a piece, I think for auction, for the Quilters Guild Conference so finished this piece and will send it off tomorrow.

photo 1

I finished stitching some more mittens and started stitching them together. Each square is 4″ so it is quite big. There is still a bit of work needed to finish it.


Finally, I have started on the last of my International threads pieces for exhibition in Prague in April. This is the challenge I set called Sketch. I decided to sketch straight on to the fabric, using one of my photographs that I took in India as a starting point.  i’m using a lot of metallic thread, which I rarely use. I also intend to stitch or maybe glue lots of jewels to it. The hands need more paint. Her cheek needs some more work and I would like to try to get her smiling a bit more. This one is 40cm x 80cm

photo 5



3 thoughts on “A busy week

  1. I love your latest work especially the piece for Prague. Just getting on top of the Jet Lag. Margaret

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    • I really like the use of the indigo dyed fabric it makes a lovely background. Keep pushing the boundaries you seem to discover endless possibilities. Janet

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