Boring week

Last week was a very productive week this week has just been boring and quite stressful.

My computer wouldn’t start so that meant an hours drive to the Apple Shop in Bradford and then 2 days later I had to pick it up. It is still not right.

I had a photographer come to my studio to photograph my quilts. It feels good to know that now I have a really good quality image of most of my pieces of work.

I am very impressed with his photographs of my flowers

I have had a meeting with the Graphic Designer and he will do the Graphics for my new Flower Kits. It takes ages to get all the correct photos with the right text etc etc. I have to get it right as there will be 500 printed. My studio is stuffed full of flower kits, without instructions.

I have a new kit that will be ready for FOQ in August. It is a game that you can stitch based on an indian game ( a bit like Ludo).

Hand or Machine Stitched?





I have done some requirements lists for new 1 day courses – always find this hard.

I have done all the paperwork for my quilts that will go in an exhibition in the States in June, and for an exhibition in Prague in April.

And my Indian Bride is finished..still needs a bit of light coloured paint on the cheek.




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