Holidays and a little teaching

I have been away for a few days so here are a few photos. Can you guess where I have been from the photos?

IMG_1995 IMG_1941 IMG_2070 IMG_2073 IMG_2091 IMG_2085 IMG_2092 IMG_2102 IMG_2117 IMG_2109 IMG_2104 IMG_2119

Another clue?


Here are a few more photos

IMG_2157 IMG_2173 IMG_2147 IMG_2211 IMG_2042 IMG_2041 IMG_2035 IMG_2033 IMG_2018 IMG_2009 IMG_1984 IMG_1975 IMG_1944

With such fabulous weather the Aran islands in County Clare Ireland looked amazing.

More photos from Bunratty, Doollin, Adare, Newbridge and Avoca Mills in Wicklow

IMG_1932 IMG_1927 IMG_1916 IMG_1906 IMG_1903 IMG_1899 IMG_1891 IMG_2400 IMG_2371 IMG_2344 IMG_2328 IMG_2281 IMG_2229 IMG_2228 IMG_2222 IMG_2221 IMG_2212 IMG_2186

And finally the lovely ladies from Limerick and the flowers we made at the workshop on Saturday



2 thoughts on “Holidays and a little teaching

  1. Thanks Gillian for such a fantastic workshop. I am very proud of my flower made on the day! Glad you had a great trip and the weather held up for you!

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