I have been in Harrogate for the weekend teaching and speaking at the Quilters Guild Conference. I have never been to a Quilters Guild Conference and was very uncertain what to expect.

Harrogate looked lovely in the early morning sunshine and it has some lovely shops to waste an hour or so.

It was a good opportunity to catch up with various quilting friends meet up and have tea in a trendy cafe.

Giving a presentation to a few hundred people was scary, especially as there were 2 enormous screens for everyone to see my photos. My many bunches of flowers were displayed on the stage, Susan Briscoe has put some pictures of her speaking on the stage on her blog and my Sunflowers really looked great. The first presentation was about my work and then the talk on Saturday was to talk about India and how I spent the bursary i was awarded.

photo 1


There were 6 separate screens at the second presentation – just as scary.

I didn’t go to the dinner on the Saturday but had a very pleasant evening with Angie Hughes. Time spent with other tutors can be so special and so good for us.

The worksop I ran on Sunday had to be well organised as we only had 3 hours to make an Indian Lady panel. They were a lovely group of students, they worked hard and here are their results.

The photos are awful, my new phone should arrive soon so I am hoping for some better photos in the future

photo 1 photo 2 photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 4 photo 5


I attended the AGM, I thought I’ll just go to see what it was like, and happily stayed to listen to all that the Trustees had to say, and enjoyed the question forum.

The Quilt Museum will close – this we all knew. Everyone was so positive and I really feel that the Guild is being very well run by the Trustees and I am sure they will make the best decisions in the future. They have my full support in whatever decisions they make. It almost made me feel that I wanted to help, but I know I can’t take anything more on – maybe the Education Committee one day…



Today i have spent all day doing essential admin. I have sorted out a supplier for the stencils for my new kits, spent ages sorting some professional photos and had a really good meeting with the graphic designers. These photos/pages show only the first draft of my new book.

photo 1

They really are only first drafts


photo 3 photo 4


So much work to do to get it ready for the Festival of Quilts, and to get the kits sorted


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