Not much stitching!

Not much stitching happening at the moment. For all those that thought being a textile artist was all about stitching – it’s not.

The emails take up lots of time, but this week I have done quite a bit of teaching. I have spent time collecting all the images together for my new book, designed  a new kit, redrawn the patterns, assembled together some other kits and teaching samples, phoned loads of suppliers to get some prices for stencils for my jumper kits and a load of other jobs that don’t sound very worthwhile.

And I don’t think I have done any stitching or printing.

We have had some fun as the Tour de Yorkshire cycle race came past our house and we have had another party – not as big as last year but just some time with some lovely good friends and lots of good food and drink.



All my non textile friends know what I do for a living, but I’m not sure that they really understand what that means, so today I gave them a tour of my studio that unfortunately looked a terrible mess.

I think ( I know) they were surprised at what is involved – not the quilts, but the kits, the patterns, the equipment etc.

Tired tonight….and I wonder if it is all worth it but tomorrow morning I am sure I will feel proud of all that happens in my studio.


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