More Travels

When I decided to write a blog and tell the World exactly what I am up to all the time I realised that everyone knows when I am working hard and when I am on holiday etc.

I am so lucky to be able to travel extensively for my work, i go to some amazing places and meet some lovely people, but in between I have to be very organised and work really hard so that I can take the time off.

May has been so busy – I have boxes and boxes of teaching materials that have not been put away and my studio is in chaos.
I have masses of emails to answer whilst i am away, so maybe you would like to picture where I am writing this from.

It is dark and I can hear the crashing of the waves of the sea, in between the beat of some awful Asian music. There are insects crawling all over my screen. I am hot and sweaty even though it is 10pm.

I am in Sri Lanka, with my daughter and son. We are back packing for 10 days. My son is travelling the World and we have come to meet up with him, and have spent a week travelling across Sri Lanka – we are now on the East Coast and enjoying a few days of sun sea and sand.
We are staying in very basic accommodation and travelling by public transport etc.

It is rare for me to take a holiday and it not be for Textile research but I knew there would not be any spectacular textiles for me to see here, but hoped I would get some inspiration for making some new quilts.
I have lots of ideas and some fabulous photos.

My holiday is almost at an end.







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