Home again

I have spent 2 frantic days catching up with essential admin etc, and I am off again. This time it is all work – teaching in the South. I have achieved a lot in a couple of days.

Yesterday with the help from a student we assembled 200 new Indian Ladies Kits. The “Kyra” kit was the most popular so in my parcel from India was 200 new backgrounds, so they are now available in a rich yellow colour. The fabric is printed in India and the kit includes the pot, arms and legs fabric. I have to cut the bondaweb, include the instructions, stick the label on the front, fold and add the hand stitching thread. This all takes loads of time. They now just need adding to my shop.

400 new backgrounds arrived in yellow, pink/orange and a grey/brown colour. These are to be made into new kits that will be available soon. I am just waiting for the instructions to be designed by the graphic designers. They will be similar to the previous 3 ladies kit but much bigger – approx 25ins square. I made one of the panels yesterday to check my patterns work, and thankfully they do but I just need to add some hand stitching and photograph it.

I have so many fabulous photos from Sri Lanka and a few ideas for new quilts, but decided to just make a quick and easy JQ first. This is the June Quilt so I am a few days ahead.

It only took a short time to make – and now I want to make more based on the tuk tuk’s – In India in one town they are all the same colour – in Sri Lanka they are all different colours.

IMG_3349 IMG_3321 IMG_3321

So here is my fun piece


I will eventually get round to adding some of my photos of our trip on to facebook etc. One of the highlights was going by train through the tea plantations. We made a visit to one of the factories so it was good yesterday to sit down and drink some tea from Sri Lanka


the baking parchment and also add the hand stitching thread


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