Pauline’s Patchwork Dorset

I have had a lovely few days teaching at Pauline’s Patchwork Shop in Poundbury near Dorchester.

I taught some talented and keen students, an Indian Ladies class and a couple of teasels and seed heads classes.

Here are some of the results from the classes

Poundbury is interesting – it is Price Charles model town. I didn’t really want to like it as it is perhaps “perfect living” for those that  can afford it – maybe I am wrong but I did like it, and in the sunshine it did look good. It is a good place to have a patchwork shop, if only because it is so easy to park outside the door.

Today I have been working as “artist in residence” in the shop and had a very enjoyable and productive day, made all the more pleasant by having Sasha and Lou for company. it is good to be with young mums who are so keen to learn about patchwork and quilting – I just want to teach them all that I know as I feel it is so important to encourage the next generation to continue – I will need to retire at some point, although not just yet!

Thanks girls – for a nice day!

I have almost finished Coconut Joe ( that’s what Sasha has called him, but I think he should be Pounbury Joe to remind me of today) and then started on my tea Picker lady . There will be a third and fourth quilt to come.

It is always good to see them photographed as now I can see where the changes need to be made

These are both 40cm x 80cm



2 thoughts on “Pauline’s Patchwork Dorset

  1. These are lovely! I always enjoy reading your blog and seeing what you are working on! Maybe you remember me from the class you taught at Alsia Craig, ON the thread painting “sheep” 🙂

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