South Africa

Last week I taught at South African Guild’s Creative Energy Conference near Durban. There is so much that I could write about it, and so many photos.

It was set in a boys school out towards the mountains





Where do I start……I met some fabulous students and some of them did some beautiful work




As you can see from the number of panels made here the classes were large – no some of them were huge – teaching upwards of 30 students in a class, on my own, was a challenge. This is not really something I really want to do again!

I taught a disable young girl who used her foot pedal with her hand – she managed to make a couple of wired flowers in the class




The school is one of the top schools in South Africa and I did enjoy walking around the grounds- there were some very inspirational quotes up around the school, and some beautiful flowers.

IMG_5544 IMG_5401 IMG_5405






I listened to a talk by an expert on the Schwe Schwe fabric from South Africa and of course bought loads of fabric.



We did have a lot of fun in the evenings, with Rayna, Hilary, Sheena, Brandon and Kaffe!



After the conference we visited the Hillcrest Aids centre – they are doing amazing things working with local communities and helping aids victims (more to write another day) where, amongst other things i bought 50 beaded traveller beaded dolls to sell and will send the profit to them.

Here is a painted one, that was one the wall of the centre



Following the festival we stayed on the outskirts of Durban and had a fabulous time shopping and visiting some of the Durban attractions.



Here is us causing chaos in the fabric shop

I took masses of photos at the botanical garden in Durban

IMG_5642 IMG_5595


A visit to the Nelson Mandela Memorial was inspirational and an incredible piece of art work



and a visit to Ardmore afterwards was somewhere i could have spent hours

IMG_5816 IMG_5835

We went in to the traditional African Fabric shop in the centre of Durban to buy the proper 3 cats fabric

IMG_6140 IMG_6110


I guess the highlight of all the places we visited in Durban has to be the Phansi Museum

IMG_5961 IMG_6001 IMG_6043 IMG_6044 IMG_6078 IMG_6073


We finished our day with a meal by the beach and a visit to see Odette Tolksdorf – i just love her quilts, and her house is really beautiful – full of African artifacts

IMG_6157 IMG_6163 IMG_6172


Rayna and I then took a plane to Cape Town, where we now have, for the first time Wifi!!!

The weather is damp which is a shame and this is the view of table mountain from our beautiful guest house



The weather may not be good but the shops are, and look what I have been out photographing



Last night we went for some food – I don’t really enjoy eating meat but in the traditional African restaurant we had to try some local food. Don’t think I will eat it again – Springbok, Ostrich and Kudu



I hope today to be able to go and visit the penguins but as the weather is not brilliant they may not be there!

So many experience, some new best friends, and more inspiration for more quilts.

Now I need another 24 hours in every day!


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