Cape Town

We arrived into Cape Town with thick cloud on table Mountain but woke up on Saturday morning to clear skies and a lovely breakfast at Guest House




With bright skies I went out to take some more photos of the coloured houses

IMG_6318 IMG_6326 IMG_6330 IMG_6342 IMG_6344


Rayna and I decided we would get a train along the coast, we were advised that it might be dangerous but it wasn’t and my only complaint was that the windows could have been cleaner so i could see out of the window better

IMG_6497 IMG_6356


Our first stop was Kalk Bay

IMG_6421 IMG_6422 IMG_6435


We made a couple of purchases – more in another post of the delightful Michel

IMG_6460 IMG_6459


And then borded the train again from St James to Simonstown to Boulders Beach to see the penguins

IMG_6472 IMG_6474


Maybe these images will become a new Journal Quilt

IMG_6517 IMG_6540 IMG_6584 IMG_6579 IMG_6556 IMG_6547 IMG_6595



The next day – more photos of Table Mountain

IMG_6654 IMG_6668 IMG_6671


And then goodbye to Rayna



I then went on to see the Shre shre (not the right spelling) exhibition and do a bit of shopping

IMG_6698 IMG_6678 IMG_6729 IMG_6763 IMG_6764

IMG_6788 IMG_6791


before meeting up with Pam Stallebrass who lives near Cape Town and will be having a stand at Festival of Quilts next month



Pam took me to the botanical gardens in Cape Town to see the giant protea plants

IMG_6798 IMG_6819 IMG_6841


then on to another harbour

IMG_6888 IMG_6901 IMG_6906


and then on to the airport for the long flight home.

So I have loads more ideas for more quilts but no time to make them as I need to get my new book finished for Festival of Quilts, and the new kits.



2 thoughts on “Cape Town

  1. So jealous of your gorgeous photos. Next time, I take a real camera:-). Wish I had had time to buy more fabric – those African ones looked gorgeous. Of course, after having washed all my laundry yesterday, followed by the tons of fabric this morning, my washing machine has died. Well, at least I can start ironing.

  2. I have been following your blog since meeting you at fashion and embroidery this year,thanks for sharing your photos of recent travels,they are amazing.

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