New Workshops / New Ideas

I make lots of small quilts, these are often journal quilts and sometimes they are just me experimenting with new ideas. Some take only a couple of hours to make whilst others I have been thinking about for ages and seem to take many hours of experimenting to get it right.

I am always being asked to offer new workshops – half day classes up to a weeks residential. So what makes a good workshop?

Everyone loved my jumpers quilts and the books and kits have sold well but this week one of my new Jumper Quilt classes has had to be cancelled due to lack of interest…why? They are so easy to do and so effective. You would learn how to free machine, learn a new and innovative method of applique and use some of those fabulous automatic patterns on the sewing machine.

Elaine at the Quilt cabin in Hebden Bridge said it was because it looks too scarily complicated? Maybe it is just too new and maybe too contemporary?

I made my silly little penguin quilt in less than 2 hours from thinking to making, and I have loads of messages saying what a good workshop it would make. I think it is too easy for a workshop but it has got me thinking….it would make a very, easy to make kit.



I have been thinking about the photos I took whilst in South Africa of the beach huts at St James and have been wanting to make a beach hut panel so when i walked into the Quilt Cabin on Wednesday to do some teaching and saw some of the new fabrics I knew they were just right, so with the idea of making a kit decided to make some patterns, write up the instructions and check how much fabric it would take.

IMG_6474 IMG_6472

Here is the quilt and the fabric and pattern will be available from next week from the Quilt Cabin in Hebden Bridge.

It is about 30cm height and about a metre wide. I didnt actually measure it and now it is on the wall in the shop.


I am continuing to work on my South African women images and my Sri Lankan people images, have designed a screen, had it made up, printed them, added some colour etc but so far have not come up with anything that I think will made a good workshop. Hours of time and thought – not wasted but not resolved as yet.







I have finally added some images of my new quilts to my gallery section of my, in need of updating website. I still have to add my new book and new Indian Ladies kits to the shop. I just need more than 24 hours in every day.

I also added a bit more to my Tea Pickers Quilt. I am pleased with the way the 2 quilts will look together. I still need to paint the faces. I used almost all commercial fabrics – you might be able to recognise some of the fabrics.





Lots of new work

There is always so much that I could write about….my new quilts, where I have been etc, what I learnt this week  and the long list of things i would like to do.

I’ll start with where I have been. Last week i walked the Dales Way, from Ilkley to the Lake District. We actually only walked to Oxenholme station as we needed to be able to get the train home. We were lucky with the weather and apart from the last afternoon managed to stay dry. It is a beautiful route through Yorkshire and an easy walk.

This is the Ribblehead hut where we stayed one night. I stay here regularly and it is very special – quite remote, gas lights and a compost toilet – I love it!


Walking over the tops from Ribblehead


It soon cleared


And we walked into Dent- a walk we have done many times

IMG_1862 IMG_1863

Back home i have been working on the quilts for Stitched Exhibition going to Holland in October

These are all 30cm x 60cm

The photos are all taken with my phone so really low resolution

IMG_1874 IMG_1873


There is one more to make up the set of 4

The other set that will be going to Holland are a set of 4 similar to the ones I made a couple of months ago but these are smaller.

They are not finished yet, as they need to have more paint applied to the faces, bananas etc


I photographed one of the quilts I finished just before the Festival of Quilts. I love the simple cream background and the bright colours of the clothes. I photographed these fishermen on the beach in the mornings in Sri Lanka


August Journal Quilt

The deadline for getting the next 4 Journal Quilts is fast approaching so this morning I made this little quilt. It’s only 6″ x 12″

When i was teaching in South Africa we had a weekend in Cape Town, I really wanted to see the penguins at Boulder Beach, Rayna wasn’t so keen so I dragged her there, no, she’ll tell you that I made her walk all the way there. We did get a local bus back. The taxi driver wanted to charge us a vast amount – the bus was 30p each.

Here are some pictures of the penguins

IMG_6566 IMG_6561 IMG_6552

Just applique and some machine stitch on a painted calico background.


Voyage Quilts Finished

Today i finished my last 2 voyage art textiles quilts that are due to be displayed in Prague in April

They are a series of nature abstracted counterchange quilts

They show dark on a light background and light on a dark background

The first 2 are 2 different quilts and the last 2 the light and dark are on the same quilt.



I was inspired to make this next quilt as there are guinea fowl images all over South Africa.

I printed the guinea fowl shapes but also printed the negative backgrounds


I used several different tree shapes for this quilt and used fabric I bought in South Africa – I love the colours.

I cut out the shapes, stitched the whole quilt and then stencilled the foliage once the quilt was made. I guess this was quite a brave thing to do, as I could have made a mess of it but I am happy with the results


It feels good to have them finished, I can now work on my August Journal Quilt that has to be finished for the end of August and start on a new set of South African women quilts.

Back from Festival of Quilts

So I am back from Festival of Quilts and as is usually the case, on the Monday i am unable to do much! I am trying to put away some of my things but the whole event is so exhausting that I am not doing very well.

I am sure that many will have already seen that my Jumper quilt won a 2nd prize in the Art Quilts Category which is very nice as it comes with a very nice cheque.


I think it is the biggest category at the show and there were more than 190 entries. I had some lovely comments on my judges sheet.


My new top made from fabric printed by Woven Monkey was also very much admired

IMG_7423 IMG_7431

Here are some photos of my stand

IMG_7418 IMG_7417 IMG_7416 IMG_7415

I met lots of lovely people, ex students, friends from all over the World and had a lot of fun!

I sold lots of my new book and lots of kits. I have been asked to teach at a few new venues and now I have to look carefully at my diary and see which ones I can fit in.

One of the first things I need to do is get fit again, I have been working so hard I have not had a chance to do much exercise and I haven’t really been out on my bike much.

I also have my new Sweet 16 in a an unopened box and it is time to get that out and play, but first there is one very messy studio to tidy up, and to actually have some time to look through my South African things.

Festival of Quilts and New Book

Any spare time that I have had in the last few weeks (no months) has been taken up with getting ready for tomorrow. The Festival of Quilts starts on Thursday.

It is always good to catch up with quilting friends from abroad and to say hello to lots of students.

More than anything, for me, it is chance for everyone to see all my new work and to see (and hopefully buy) my new kits and projects.

150 copies of my new book arrived at 20 to 6 tonight! FullSizeRender

Here are some sample pages

IMG_1791 IMG_1790

It is a scary time for me – Is anyone going to like it? Are there any mistakes?

Will anyone buy it?

It has loads more images than the last ones – and no white pages – so it busy or rather has a lively presentation style

Here are more pages

IMG_1792 IMG_1795 IMG_1793 IMG_1792

My aim was to inspire, and give students ideas for making new quilts.

I have included full instructions as to how to make my latest jumper quilts.

Last night and today I have packed 1000 new cards

IMG_1786 IMG_1787

Come past and say hello!