Back from Festival of Quilts

So I am back from Festival of Quilts and as is usually the case, on the Monday i am unable to do much! I am trying to put away some of my things but the whole event is so exhausting that I am not doing very well.

I am sure that many will have already seen that my Jumper quilt won a 2nd prize in the Art Quilts Category which is very nice as it comes with a very nice cheque.


I think it is the biggest category at the show and there were more than 190 entries. I had some lovely comments on my judges sheet.


My new top made from fabric printed by Woven Monkey was also very much admired

IMG_7423 IMG_7431

Here are some photos of my stand

IMG_7418 IMG_7417 IMG_7416 IMG_7415

I met lots of lovely people, ex students, friends from all over the World and had a lot of fun!

I sold lots of my new book and lots of kits. I have been asked to teach at a few new venues and now I have to look carefully at my diary and see which ones I can fit in.

One of the first things I need to do is get fit again, I have been working so hard I have not had a chance to do much exercise and I haven’t really been out on my bike much.

I also have my new Sweet 16 in a an unopened box and it is time to get that out and play, but first there is one very messy studio to tidy up, and to actually have some time to look through my South African things.


4 thoughts on “Back from Festival of Quilts

  1. Hi Gillian, hope you soon recover – sounds like you had a great time. Your book is super, I have read it through and admired the pics. It is the best one so far! Looking forward to Next years and to seeing African woman completed. Ann

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    • Congrats Gillian on the award and your book , I hope you still have some copies left! Feet up and a well earned rest . Carina

  2. I’ve seen a lot of photos of your quilts at Festival of Quilts. They look amazing – well done on winning a prize. I hope you still have some books left because I’m just about to place an order. I can’t wait to see how you turn inspiration into a work of art.

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