Voyage Quilts Finished

Today i finished my last 2 voyage art textiles quilts that are due to be displayed in Prague in April

They are a series of nature abstracted counterchange quilts

They show dark on a light background and light on a dark background

The first 2 are 2 different quilts and the last 2 the light and dark are on the same quilt.



I was inspired to make this next quilt as there are guinea fowl images all over South Africa.

I printed the guinea fowl shapes but also printed the negative backgrounds


I used several different tree shapes for this quilt and used fabric I bought in South Africa – I love the colours.

I cut out the shapes, stitched the whole quilt and then stencilled the foliage once the quilt was made. I guess this was quite a brave thing to do, as I could have made a mess of it but I am happy with the results


It feels good to have them finished, I can now work on my August Journal Quilt that has to be finished for the end of August and start on a new set of South African women quilts.


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