Lots of new work

There is always so much that I could write about….my new quilts, where I have been etc, what I learnt this week  and the long list of things i would like to do.

I’ll start with where I have been. Last week i walked the Dales Way, from Ilkley to the Lake District. We actually only walked to Oxenholme station as we needed to be able to get the train home. We were lucky with the weather and apart from the last afternoon managed to stay dry. It is a beautiful route through Yorkshire and an easy walk.

This is the Ribblehead hut where we stayed one night. I stay here regularly and it is very special – quite remote, gas lights and a compost toilet – I love it!


Walking over the tops from Ribblehead


It soon cleared


And we walked into Dent- a walk we have done many times

IMG_1862 IMG_1863

Back home i have been working on the quilts for Stitched Exhibition going to Holland in October

These are all 30cm x 60cm

The photos are all taken with my phone so really low resolution

IMG_1874 IMG_1873


There is one more to make up the set of 4

The other set that will be going to Holland are a set of 4 similar to the ones I made a couple of months ago but these are smaller.

They are not finished yet, as they need to have more paint applied to the faces, bananas etc


I photographed one of the quilts I finished just before the Festival of Quilts. I love the simple cream background and the bright colours of the clothes. I photographed these fishermen on the beach in the mornings in Sri Lanka



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