I am away again soon so this week I have been stitching and designing.

I have had the challenge of making the latest International threads piece at the back of my mind for several weeks so decided to just get on and make it.

The challenge was to include this piece of Afghan embroidery (approx 10cm square) into a quilt that should be 50cm x 100cm

IMG_7563 - Version 2

It lends itself to traditional patchwork but I have never been able to do traditional patchwork very well.

So here is what I have done. I painted a little of the background and stitched the square into the background. Then bonded some fabric to the background in the same patterns and shapes as the square


I made a couple of foam printing blocks


And printed more of the background, adding some blue stars, and some Afghan women images


I then added lots of stitching and a binding


Its not finished as I still need to paint the faces to give a bit more detail, one of the ladies still has only half a face!

I taught how to stitch sheep this week but have also made a stitched hare sample on a piece of beautiful avoca scarf fabric


Here are some students work

photo 2

photo 1

I had a lovely email from someone who bought an Indian lady Kit at the Festival of Quilts and lives in Spain. Here is her finished piece

la foto 1 (7)

Some more thoughts on this week….

When I am asked what I do for a living, what do I say? I often dither…I am a Textile Artist but am I a teacher, a stitcher, or a designer? I think I am first and for most a designer, second a teacher, and third a stitcher.

This week I seem to have been doing quite a bit of designing of kits

I have redone the penguin quilt using fabric available from the Quilt Cabin.

So if anyone wants to make the Penguin quilt the patterns are available from the Quilt cabin. Look on their website! It might take a few days to get them up on the website


and the same for the St James Beach Huts Quilt


and here will be the next kit but the fabric isn’t quite right. So more experimenting required



I had a lovely visit from Jenni Smith today, who came to collect some of my quilts that will be shown in Ilkley next weekend

Have a look at her website!

So another very productive week!


One thought on “Patterns

  1. Hi, Gillian
    Thanks for publishing my Indian woman in your page. I’m quilting another one, I will show it to you when i finish it. Very easy instructions to follow.

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