Anyone who reads my blog will know that I travel a lot for my teaching – sometimes my trips, just hard work, others, I meet some fabulous people and manage to have a bit of a holiday as well. My husband stays at home “there’s no better place than Yorkshire” but we have just a weeks holiday. I did a little research and found the cheapest flight I could get was to Portugal so we went from Porto to Lisbon with hand luggage only travelling by train. The plan was to have a textiles free week!

He didnt know it but thanks to my friends Ann and Steve I did a bit of research before hand and found out there was a Costume Museum in the North of Portugal. There is another in Lisbon which i didnt get to.

I have so many photos of tiles – I must make a blue and white quilt sometime. I loved the bottom of the walls where the tiler had some spare and they are just a miss match of tiles that dont fit.



I went to the Tile museum in Lisbon and took stacks of photos here are just a few of the many photos I have

IMG_0789 IMG_0368 IMG_0030 IMG_0027_2

This is one of the photos I took in a contemporary gallery. Quilts?


Porto in the sunshine was beautiful, and as usual I took masses of photos

IMG_0145 IMG_0134 IMG_0089 IMG_0163 IMG_0188 IMG_0187

And an early sunrise


Other images around Porto

IMG_0276 IMG_0279 IMG_0039


Coffee and cake at the Majestic Cafe in Porto

IMG_0038 IMG_0045

We made a trip north to the market at Barcelos the home of the famous cockerel

IMG_0389 IMG_0378 IMG_0370 IMG_0309 IMG_0305 IMG_0331 IMG_0396 IMG_0528

There was an exhibition in the pottery museum by Antonio Vasconcelos Lapa


and a photo exhibition with some fabulous photos of women carrying pots

IMG_0343 IMG_0340

then on to Viana Do Castelo to the costume museum

IMG_0406 IMG_0410 IMG_0427

and a trip on the venicular railway to see the church at the top of the hill

IMG_0508 IMG_0515

I had booked a night at the “Venice of Portugal” Averio and then on to the coast to see the stripy houses

IMG_0543 IMG_0562 IMG_0597 IMG_0626 IMG_0673 IMG_0683

The rain arrived but it didnt spoil our visit to Coimbra, and gave some spectacular clouds and colours

IMG_0698 IMG_0825 IMG_0835

Here are some images of Lisbon – just look at the colour of the sky

IMG_1225 IMG_1209 IMG_1195 IMG_1183 IMG_1279 IMG_1287 IMG_1178 IMG_1274 IMG_1278 IMG_1169 IMG_1167 IMG_1146 IMG_1139 IMG_1108 IMG_1046 IMG_1058 IMG_1083 IMG_1089 IMG_1091 IMG_1094 IMG_0963 IMG_0918 IMG_0937 IMG_1317 IMG_1319 IMG_1391 IMG_1371 IMG_1357 IMG_1344 IMG_1410 IMG_1331 IMG_0845

Unfortunately the weather was not brilliant at Sintra but a fabulous trip and so much inspiration for Journal Quilts etc

IMG_1022 IMG_1018 IMG_1012 IMG_0983 IMG_0976





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