It feels good when my textiles research all comes together so that I work out where pieces were made.

I recently bought an old book at a book sale. I always love the old books although this one is not so old. There was a project in the book that interested me.



It wasn’t to do the project but the inspiration for the project was a piece of textiles that the author said was probably Eastern European. I realised that I had a piece similar so I searched for it and found it.



Whilst on holiday in Portugal I bought a t towel and look at the patterns


So my apron was made in Portugal. I photographed it to put on my blog and there on the screen I saw the words Viana embroidered in the waistband. I had never noticed this before.

Last week i was in the textiles museum at Viana and bought the book with all the designs in.



I searched through some of my old textiles and found a table cloth I bought many years ago in a charity shop and this was probably made in Portugal as well.

IMG_1430 IMG_1429

I hope to be able to find the time to make a piece of work inspired by these pieces and from my holiday photos.

Whilst at Anne and Steve’s they showed me an apron that they had bought in Portugal. It was not old but typical of the region


Here is mine that I found whilst looking for my other pieces. Mine was bought in a charity shop here in the UK.IMG_1431

I have made a couple of Journal Quilts this week

This is September’s based on the photos that I took in a builder’s yard in Germany. These are stitched samples that I intend to use for my teaching of the Design class that i am running at Hebden Bridge


Here is October’s based on the photos I took in Portugal


Before I went on holiday I made this table runner using flowers cut with my Sizzix Big Shot and then fused on to a piece of Indian Cotton and machine quilted.

I am sure this would make a fun workshop.








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