Packing for a week’s teaching always takes me ages, and I am sure I take more than I need. I left last Monday with a case that probably weighed 35 kilos- full of teaching things, books, kits and cards. I hoped I would be ok but putting it on the escalator for the Eurostar proved tricky and I did need some help, with the guy muttering “What have you got in here?”

I travelled via London as I wanted to see the Fabric of India exhibition at the V and A. It is a fabulous exhibition (no photos allowed) and has some stunning and beautifully made pieces of Indian textiles and embroidery. It really is worth going to see.

I then went on to to Aldgate to have a walk along the road where all the African fabric shops are. I just had to buy some wax fabric – it will be great for the backs of quilts.

The guy in the shop sold it to me as printed in Holland! I asked where and of course he didn’t know.

I arrived into Brussels and then took a train to Liege and then another to the border town of Vise where i just had to pay 3 euros to get to Maastricht. So if you are coming next year – it is easy!

The weather was beautiful so instead of going straight to the Hotel I put my luggage in a locker and had a walk around the centre of the town.

IMG_1451IMG_1448IMG_1446 IMG_1447 IMG_1450

The new venue seemed a bit confusing as it is on several different levels and I think it took me a few days to find my way around.

On Wednesday morning all the quilts were being hung so in the afternoon I borrowed a bike and went out to explore some of the local area. I cycled to Valkenburg and to Gulpen. Lovely towns and beautiful scenery – not like the Holland I know – it was hilly!


I saw this in a window

The show opened on Thursday morning but I didn’t really get a chance to see the quilts until Sunday and even then I don’t think I saw all of them

Here are the International Threads quilts and the Stitched Quilts on show.

Sorry Jane – yours were the only ones that were horizontal and they were displayed off the photos I took

IMG_1460IMG_1463IMG_1465IMG_1459 IMG_1458IMG_1519

There were lots of people looking at them and they were very much admired.

The change from all day teaching to 1 hour classes has been a great success and I had large classes as you can see. There were ladies from Israel, Spain, Holland, Germany, Luxembourg, Italy, France and the UK on the classes.

IMG_1523 IMG_1520 IMG_1474 IMG_1467 IMG_1469

Here are some of the quilts I saw and liked

IMG_1494 IMG_1487 IMG_1486 IMG_1502 IMG_1491 IMG_1500 IMG_1541 IMG_1495 IMG_1511 IMG_1510 IMG_1501 IMG_1539 IMG_1527 IMG_1545

IMG_1484 IMG_1483

We have many discussions about the quilts and it is always interesting to see which ones we all like best – we don’t always agree

These shows are exhausting but I love doing them. The atmosphere is great, I make lots of new friends and meet up with friends from all over the World.

Here are just some of them ( some photos are missing)

IMG_1479 IMG_1567 IMG_1562 IMG_1559 IMG_1531 IMG_1566

We had a quickly organised SAQA meeting with members from about 10 different countries


After the show I went on to Brussels to teach a group of women there


and then had a day in Brussels at the Comic strip museum and the Horta House

IMG_1572 IMG_1586

I love what the curator has written about this guy. I think I need to write something like this about my work and my textiles.

Now I need to research more about his work


I love the Tintin drawings but was a bit disappointed with the murals



IMG_1602 IMG_1639


No photos allowed in the Horta House

IMG_1635 IMG_1633


And of course bought some Belgium chocolate


and resisted buying some fabric at one of the best fabric shops I have ever been to

IMG_1612 IMG_1608 IMG_1610 IMG_1609

This is the remnant section – translates “the fleas of the dog”


and to an art shop

IMG_1630 IMG_1629

The weather was fabulous and the autumn colours spectacular

IMG_1576 IMG_1575

A brilliant fun week!


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