Flower Kits

A few years ago I travelled in India with my daughter and her 2 friends.  I met Fiona from the Stitching Project and amongst many other things we discussed making my Flower Designs into a kit. The rest of the story I have written about many times in magazine articles etc.

I make the kits originally to give the men in the workshop some essential work. I really had no idea where the project would go in the future. Over the last few years I must have sold more than 1000 kits and taught many workshops.

There have been several different designs and styles and many hours of discussions with the Graphic designers and Fiona.

The teaching became too easy and I got bored. I wrote an article in Stitch magazine which I regretted as, yes it helped to sell a few kits, but not many, but I gave away the techniques and the patterns. I noticed on facebook that someone was teaching how to make my flowers, they may have credited me but it did not help to sell any kits.

A had a lovely email from a lady in Scotland who had made some flowers, entered them in a competition and won a prize. The same student this week taught how to make the flowers and I have had loads and loads of orders from Scotland. So thanks Margaret and Glynne.

I also, this week, had a facebook photo from someone I met in South Africa.

What Ruth didnt say was where Woza Moya was and what they did.

When I was teaching there in the Summer, I taught a young disabled girl how to make the flowers. I will always remember her as she had to use her hand on the footpedal  – put on the table, to operate her machine.

She has been making them to sell.

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 07.36.25

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 07.19.47

Woza Moya is the shop of a Aids charity that we visited in South Africa and where the young girl is involved in.


Take a look – it does some amazing things and I bought some of the beaded animals and the traveller bags.

I also bought some of the hand beaded traveller dolls and have sold most of them and will soon be able to send some money back to them.

So my flower designs / kits have benefitted charities and workers in India – Barefoot College and now South Africa!

If anyone wants to teach their group how to make the flowers, the instructions are very easy and straightforward, please do, but maybe you would like to order some Flower Kits and I can give you a wholesale price and I might even be able to order some more kits from India, giving Mahindra some more printing to do, the guys in the workshop at the Stitching project some more work and Barefoot College some more bags to make.

My blog this week has had a lot of people from Holland and Belgium looked at it. I wondered why, so I followed the links back and found that Herma from Wonderfil threads had written an article about me and put it on the Bernina Blog


Thanks Herma



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