Finishing, Reflecting and Planning

I have finished my teaching for 2015, and now have time to finish, reflect, plan and complete my tax return form. I’m not sure I like doing any of these but they need doing.


I have seen several peoples year in photos on facebook and I started to reflect on my year. I have had an amazing year full of opportunities, travel, fun, family and friends.

So what were the highlights? I have masses of photos of the fabulous places I have been but looking back it is the people I have been with and the friends I have met that I remember most. So here is a summary

Apologies for some of the pictures – they may not be the best ones of everyone, and there are many missing that i would like to have included

India in January

Fiona and Praveen


Fiona in Ahmedabad and Mumbai


William and Breege in Ireland in April


Richard and Jane in Pickering in May watching the Tour de Yorkshire


The girls in Belgium in May


Katie and Will in Sri Lanka in May



Rayna, Phil, Hilary and Sheena in South Africa in July


Uta in Germany in July


Katie in Yorkshire in August


Chantal and Caroline in France


Mark in Portugal in October


Jette, Elisabeth and Katrina in Maastricht in October and many many others – too many to include here


Students at Grange over Sands in November

There are many missing but I can’t find the right photos.

Looking forward to 2016

Italy in February

Portugal in February

Stand at the Knitting and Stitching Show at Olympia in March

Joint Exhibition with Sheena Norquay “Is it really 40 years?” at  Midsomer Quilting near Bath in March

Prague and Slovakia – European Patchwork Meeting in April

Beaujolais – Quilt Expo in April

Cycling in Holland in May

Scotland in May

Limoges with crafyretreats in May

Alsasc in September

Maastricht in October

Grange over Sands in Novemeber

And a few others – unconfirmed

Along with all the other teaching I do this will be another busy year but maybe not as exciting – no long haul flights, however I really want to do some textiles research in Europe.


At this time of year I don’t have much teaching so I have time to finish pieces of work that I started and to experiment with new ideas.

In 2014 I started a couple of very large Pomegranate quilts and they have been rolled up since then. This week I finished one of them. It is large compared to the usual smaller quilts I make. The other one still needs to be finished.



I also finished a pots quilt inspired by the pots in a museum in Ahmedabad, started at the beginning of the year.


I have also almost finished a quilt made for the “On the Edge” quilt challenge. However it isn’t going to be any good as it is too small. It started the correct size but it just didn’t look right so I  had to chop some off the bottom and a little off the sides. It looks ok now but it may have to go into another exhibition.

I was inspired by buying fabric in downtown Durban, where I certainly felt on the edge of their community. I have a couple of new ideas – Bo Kaap in Cape Town or Costa Nova in Portugal



I just now need to paint the faces – maybe, thats a job for over Christmas

I have also been playing with my Sizzix machine and have a new die that cuts a flower design. It is so quick to use. I have traditionally pieced these blocks – mainly, just to prove that it is possible.


Another couple almost finished. i am waiting for some more buttons to arrive in the post. This is made using felt that is mixed fibres – no where nearly as nice to work with.






And I have finished my entry for “A Matter of Time” but I don’t want to post a picture until i know whether it has been accepted into the exhibition as it is juried.

The weather has been so wet, it seems that it hasn’t stopped raining for several weeks but yesterday the sun was shining.

These photos are all of Sowerby Bridge and the surrounding area

IMG_1987 IMG_1983 IMG_1984 IMG_1985 IMG_1986 IMG_1989 IMG_1992 IMG_1991 IMG_1990

I hope everyone that reads my blog has a fabulous Christmas. I am looking forward to some of my family returning home for a few days.







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