Quilt Cabin Pop Up Shop

Happy new Year!

The last few days have, apart from all the family things has been taken up with helping in Hebden Bridge and a little quilting.

I’ve been to the Quilt Cabin most days since the day after Boxing Day to help with cleaning various things from the shop. We have also been able to help by storing some of the salvageable things at our place.

My quilts have come up beautifully following a little bit of a wash, so those of you who say to me many times “You can’t wash your quilts” well yes you can!

The news from the Quilt cabin is that they will be moving into the space upstairs and will have a “Pop up Shop”. Lots of fabric is ok and the same with all the things that were displayed at above waist height so please come and support Elaine and Rob. I think they will be back in action one day next week – just ring to check!

The classes should be ok, although the next design class might have to be held in my studio.

Elaine gave me one of the packs of Bali batiks for helping out so I decided to use it to make my latest International Threads Quilt – Symbols. The colours reminded me of the Turkish Carpets I photographed in the museum in Istanbul in 2014. I have been meaning to do a piece of work based on these symbols for a while.



I love the colours

I have finished another of my jumper quilts – I used some felt I had that was not 100% wool and I won’t use it again

I am pleased with the inclusion of the buttons






2 thoughts on “Quilt Cabin Pop Up Shop

  1. Wow love the symbols quilts fantastic vibrant colours. Great to hear the floods did not wreck everything, I’ve been watching the news from Ireland with fingers crossed . Hoot New year and hope 2016 will just have ‘ storms in a teacup’ so everyone can get back on their feet again !

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