New Work in Progress

I have just written a short article – I hope it will go into a Quilt magazine as it would be good publicity for the Quilt cabin, which will be open again from Saturday in the space upstairs. If you are coming near Hebden Bridge please come and visit. The council have suspended parking charges to try to attract more people into the town.

Here is the article – if you want to read it

“The day my quilts got wet”


I am regularly being asked “How do you wash your quilts?” I am an art Quilter and I usually reply by saying “Why do I need to worry about that” I’ll have to find a different reply, following the recent floods.

Thank goodness I work with fabric and not paper.

I woke up on Boxing Day morning to the sound of heavy rain. It had rained most of Christmas Day as well so instead of a long walk we decided on a gentle walk along the river near our home. The river was so full there was no footpath. Throughout the morning I monitored the flooding on the news. Hedben Bridge was flooded again. I frequently teach at the Quilt Cabin in Hebden Bridge. I like teaching there, it is small and cosy and it’s a short scenic drive for me, over the moors. I have small regular exhibitions there – it’s a good way for me to monitor the popularity of my new work. I have many teaching samples pinned up on the walls. Over the Christmas period I had a small exhibition.

The flood waters could not possibility have reached the Quilt Cabin. By lunchtime I rang Elaine the owner of The Quilt Cabin

“We are on our way to the shop now”

I spent much of the afternoon watching the videos come in to Facebook seeing the devastation the floods had caused.

By 6pm the waters had started to subside and Rob (Elaine’s partner) had managed to buy a pair of waders and had waded in to the shop. The water was waist high.

I had frantic phone calls from Elaine “We’ve managed to get your quilts out”

The next day my husband and I arrived with a van to help move anything that was dry and had not been damaged by the water.

We arrived to total devastation, the force of the water had caused everything to be turned upside down, my home made cards were scattered all over the floor, booked soaked, 500+ bolts of fabric all wet and dirty.

My quilts were washed gently and show no signs of being affected by their little adventure (Phew!) but the shop has been devastated, as is the rest of Hebden Bridge.

The Quilt Cabin is back up and running (temporarily upstairs) as are some of the shops and businesses in Hebden Bridge

If you are passing please come and visit Hebden Bridge – it needs all your support.

This week has given me a chance to get on with some new projects.

In the summer I bought a second hand Sweet 16 machine. I couldn’t get it to work properly so had to send it back. I had a quick play with it, once it returned, but couldn’t get the tension right. I have had such a busy Autumn that I haven’t even had a chance to try it again.

I have been designing a bigger quilt so today set to to learn how to use it – I still haven’t got the tension right but it is getting better. Rather than practice forever I decided to just practice on the quilt.


I made a lot of drawings from the photos I took at Bo Kaap in Cape Town, did some sampling and then made a much bigger drawing



Here is the applique before stitch


and here is some of the stitching


The stitching is wobbly but I am quite happy about that, as I want it to look like a sketch.

The other piece that I have been working on is a larger Pumpkin quilt. I sampled this as a Journal Quilt a few months ago so decided to make another.

I cropped a photo I took whilst in Geneva, in Photoshop elements I applied “posterise” and “cut out” to the photo.

I then used Split Print to enlarge it.

I have  a black and white A4 laser printer and printed it in sections and sellotaped it together.

With a black pen I outlined the different colours and made templates using Heat n Bond Lite



No stitching yet but I am pleased with the results





5 thoughts on “New Work in Progress

  1. Well done to everyone for all their hard work and stickability.
    To everyone in the area you deserve lots of visitors.

  2. Hi Gillian, I returned from Cape Town two days ago and love what you did with the Bo Kaap, we live in Durban. I am a traditional quilter trying to break out! Please tell me was your stitching free motion -sure it must have been. I love your blog thank you, and feel so sad for the Quilt Cabin, how devastating for all.
    Kind regards, Helen

  3. Thank you for the update Gillian, we just managed to diverge the water this time in our part of Lancashire, but have been flooded twice in the past so know how horrible it is, I will pass the news on revquilt cabin and parking charges to all my friends who love hebden

  4. Thank you Gillian, love your Durban buildings, including your wobbly stitching, yes it does make it look real somehow. Thanks for sharing all the info about how you went about making your pictures, I have learned so much from you already and look forward to learning even more.
    So glad the Quilt Cabin is up and running again, it must have been devastating to see everything under water.

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