Teaching in Stratford

I know I work very hard but when I get a chance to travel to some nice parts of the UK and meet such lovely people it makes it seem all worth while.

I’ve just had 2 days teaching how to make my Interchange applique technique quilts. The more I teach this the better it gets and the more innovative the students become. It can be a bit complicated to begin with. Here are some poor quality photos of the results of Friday’s workshop. I did’t take any photos on Thursday.

I have almost finished the latest piece I have been working on


It has given me some ideas for developing a new residential – 4 days of teaching based on Townscapes – it will include how to make the Italian Houses (Burano) , Yorkshire houses, Portuguese houses and now South African houses. Now i just need to write it up.

i was interviewed for an article for Pretty Patches magazine.


It is always a bit nerve racking “what will they write, will it sound alright etc”

Anne sent it to me and it will be in the shops very soon.

I love the graphics and am really pleased with what she has written but i cannot get it to copy here




5 thoughts on “Teaching in Stratford

  1. Love to see what you are doing and love looking at your work, Gillian! I’m in Florida working on an online teaching thing (which I never thought I would do) and other stuff. Weather is at least reasonably mild here and no snow. Sending big hugs!

  2. Hi Gillian, the proposed buildings residential sounds great! Will await further details when you get it up and running

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