A week’s admin

I think it would be a really good exercise, over a year, just to record how I spend my days as a Textile Artist / Teacher. Today I have sat at my computer, what seems like all day. My husband came in and said “Are you still sitting there!”

I teach, make quilts, write books and produce kits. What percentage of my week do I spend doing these?

Making Quilts

Drawings and designing?

Searching for, sourcing fabrics, materials etc?



Preparing for teaching?

Actually teaching?

Writing and sending requirements list?

Preparing invoices?

Books and Kits

Writing instructions?

Photographing pieces of work?

Liaising with Graphic Designers?


Writing proposals?

Filling in Forms etc?

Packaging and posting Quilts?

Media and marketing

Blog posting?

Sending emails etc?

Social media?

The list is long -the stitching takes up only a tiny tiny part of my week.

This week there has been no stitching, no designing and what seems like nothing much to show.

I have made hundreds of kits, ready for teaching in Olympia in March, Prague in April, Beaujolais in April and others throughout the year.

Buying new bags, having new labels printed is so easy on the internet but they all take time.

I have also done a plan for the joint exhibition that Sheena Norquay and I are having in March at Midsomer Quilting – more to come about this another time.

I have written all the instructions for my new project book – Interchange Applique – it is only half the number of pages compared to previous books but just as colourful. I am hoping it will be ready for Olympia.

So, not a lot (it seems) to show for a week’s really hard work but it does feel good to have it all done. I’ve even tidied up a bit, and been to loads of different exercise classes at our local gym (to give myself a break), so I feel fitter.



One thought on “A week’s admin

  1. I often have a little daydream about giving up the day job and working full-time on textiles, but I know it would end up a bit like this. People do appreciate the care that goes into a good kit, though.

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