I haven’t posted for a few days as I have been busy teaching and away from home.

Agreeing to do a trade show is important for people to be able to see my new work, and for me to sell my books, cards and kits but they are hard work.

I’ve been to the Spring Knitting and Stitch Show at Olympia in London. Just the thought of driving into Kensington seemed stressful and the huge cost of the stand put me in a panic, but now that I am back at home and can reflect it didn’t seem that bad, and was a very enjoyable show and week away.

It was really thanks to my helpers Fiona, Anne and Hilary (and Alison, Katie, Katy and Laura) that the event was so much fun. I also met lots of lovely people.

I cant post any pictures of them right now – for some unknown reason

Anne Williams (Editor of the Quilter) came to see me and tweeted this photo of me


Thankfully I sold lots of kits.

Following the show I had a good day teaching at Institches with Hazel Ryder in Yateley in Surrey, some time with my daughter in London, and visited a friend – who lives in a fabulous colourful house full of beautiful contemporary art work


Before I went to London I completed a Journal Quilt and am working on a new set of work based on Portugal and have been making sardine inspired pieces. Nothing contemporary but just some simple easy to make projects. (Do I ever want to get my work in Quilt Masters or do I enjoy travelling, teaching and coming with lots of different projects?)


These are the sardine tins that I have bought to insert some of my sardines


This is longIMG_8242

My article appeared in this month’s quilter with a review of my Nordic Journeys book


On my way down to London i picked up copies of my Interchange Applique book and they sold well. They havent made it on to my website yet but they will eventually and if anyone wants one they are £10 with (I think – but I need to check £2 p and p ) – just email me

Here is a preview of one of the images of my exhibition that will open on Friday at Midsomer Quilting







2 thoughts on “Olympia

  1. I have just stumbled across your blog and am thankful that it has happened. Having read through quite a few of your postings, I have really enjoyed seeing your work. I will be back for more for sure. If you get the chance, I would love to know how you do your applique. I cannot tell from the photos and am interested in knowing the method you use. Perhaps one of your books will tell me that? I look forward to going back in time on your blog to read about and see more of your works. Thank you for the colorful photos.

  2. I love, love, love looking at your work and reading about your adventures! Cape Town makes me smile every time I think about it — as does Durban. I’d go back in a minute if I were invited again. Meantime, off to Switzerland to teach in October! Keeping my head down and sewing, but nothing I can show. hugs, R.

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