Crafty retreat /holiday in France

I want to do a bit of advertising for a residential I have been asked to teach at in France.

It sounds like it will be a great week. I was teaching just one day of this course last week and have had some great feedback today from the students who attended.

Here is some of the advertising info

This year I will be teaching an inset appliqué residential retreat in rural France from May 20th until May 27th 2016. We will focus on the techniques used in my Nordic Journeys in Stitch book and my new Interchange Applique book, working on the techniques of counterchange and repeat patterning. By the end of the week you will have produced a beautiful wall hanging/quilt and your inspiration may be taken from the local porcelain factories, the immediate surroundings or clothing. For more information about the retreat visit

The days are planned out as follows:

Day 1

Arrive today. Meet and greet supper with wine to get your creative juices flowing! I will display sample quilts and discuss how I made them.

Day 2

Design work.

Working in a sketch book with papers and glue.

Fitting shapes into squares/rectangles.

Repeat patterning of the shapes.


Working with cotton fabric and transfer adhesive.

Counterchange appliqué sample using cotton fabric.

Day 3

This is an outing day to the local Vide Greniers and Brocantes.

Day 4

Inset appliqué sample using wool felt.

Developing design ideas to make a larger piece.

Cutting multiple images.

Sampling the “jumper quilt” blocks.

Automatic patterning using the sewing machine.

Developing free machine skills.

Day 5

Quilt making – Wool felt or Cotton (students to decide).

Dying using acid dyes.

Further development of free machine skills.

Day 6

This is an outing day to the Tapestry Museums at Aubusson.

Look for ideas and inspiration here, take photos and make notes and drawings. Look for colours and textures and imagery from the tapestries.

Day 7

Finishing and binding your wall hangings/quilts.

Day 8

Today we will say our goodbyes and ‘tie up any loose ends’. Most flights are later in the afternoon so the studio will be open for you to use all morning followed by lunch before you leave. 

I collected lots of copies of my new book on my way to Olympia – we will be doing some of the techniques shown in my book on the course in France.

I need to put my book on my shop of my website but in the mean time they are available for £10 plus £2 postage and packing – just send me an email


Today I have been doing some admin and finishing a couple of quilts.

Here is the first of my Voyage Quilts, the title was Treasures and I am going to make my 4 A2 quilts based on Porto (UNESCO World Heritage site)


and here is my March JQ


Whilst at Olympia I bought a lampshade kit and tonight made a lampshade




4 thoughts on “Crafty retreat /holiday in France

  1. Dear Gillian, I really want to order your new book “Interchange applique”. Please let me know how I can pay. My adres is: Liliane van imschoot Hooistraat 56 9070 destelbergen Belgium

    Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPad

    > Op 14 mrt. 2016 om 23:27 heeft Gillian Travis het volgende geschreven: > > >

  2. Tiles , Sardines and another wonderful and whacky palace – Stitches of Time

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