My daughter, who lives in London is back home in Yorkshire for the Easter weekend wanted to go to see the Kaws exhibition at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. She said she didn’t think I would like his work. We set off early as the weather forcast was not good and heavy rain was expected.

I was amazed and impressed with the sculptures



I loved his graphics. These could easily be quilts


The building always looks stunning


We went on to see the Bill Viola videos. They are shown in very dark rooms and some are a bit creepy


We then went on to the Hepworth in Wakefield to look at the photos of Martin Parr that he took of the Wakefield Rhubarb Triangle. They were impressive but I enjoyed some of his other pictures better – he captured life in the 80’s brilliantly. Here are just a couple that I took from his and another photographic exhibition


Pity about the glare of the lights on my photo

Taken from outside the buildingIMG_4305

A piece from another exhibitionIMG_4299

A good day out and we managed to miss the rain.

All the exhibitions are free but there is a charge for car parking


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