My “too busy” life continues. I came back from France on Monday, went up to Northumberland for the day on Tuesday (three and a half hours there and three and a half hours back by train) then went to Ireland on Wednesday.

I always enjoy my teaching visits to Ireland, the quilters I meet in Ireland are always so much fun, and so enthusiastic. They also look after me so well.

Here are just a few inspirational photos that i took. Pity that this next months Journal Quilt needs a small amount of green as I am inspired to make a piece with a bit of blue

IMG_5811IMG_5809IMG_5810IMG_5803IMG_5807IMG_5813IMG_5800IMG_5805 (1)IMG_5806IMG_5808IMG_5797

I was taken to the Botanical Gardens in Dublin to see an exhibition about houses and the 1916 risings. I loved this house and enjoyed the walk back looking at the architecture of some of the Dublin houses




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