A few days teaching in Northampton

Ive been teaching at the Bramble Patch this week. Whenever I go teaching away from home it always takes a lot of work to pack up the car etc and then put it all away. It always takes a massive amount of thought – Have I packed everything etc?

So with everything else on my mind I did something that I have thought would happen one day – I left a box behind! It had some of my teaching samples in for one of my classes. I went in to a slight panic but Rachel said to me ” You are a professional and you’ll manage!”The students on Monday were very understanding and it was a lovely day. I promised I would post pictures of my samples on my blog.




I love to see all the oil seed rape in the fields, so last night walked to see the blue bells in a nearby woodland but ended up taking more pictures of the oil seed rape

I walked to the Bramble Patch this morning as it was such a beautiful morning. A lovely walk to work!


I found out this week that my “Bo kaap” quilt was accepted into the On the Edge Exhibition which will tour around the country


Last week on my way back from the North East I took some photos as I came through Newcastle. The beaches in Northumberland are always fabulous even if it seems always cold



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