I really enjoyed my time in Cullen last week – it’s a lovely village and it was good to be able to walk along the coast.

I have made my May Journal Quilt using some of my photos as inspiration.

It is only small 8″ x 10″ – I think it might have been easier if it had been bigger as some of the pieces were tiny to cut


IMG_8514 (1)IMG_8405IMG_8378IMG_8346IMG_8288IMG_8285


After Cullen I then went on to give a talk in Aberdeen and teach in Banchory

A couple of very enjoyable days but it was cold!

I had a couple of hours wandering around Aberdeen and went to Fittie to see some of the cottages and wooden huts.


On the way I found a scrap yard and took these photos


Lots of inspiration for more quilts


2 thoughts on “Scotland

  1. Love the photos, you have such an ‘eye’ for a great picture! The journal quilt is fabulous – love it.

  2. I am bowled over by your photos…..!!! And of course the beautiful quilt. I think I’ve got to find out where Fittie is and go there just to see these amazing cottages and huts. Oh, and I’ve always loved photos of washing. I once thought – “wouldn’t it be great to do a whole book of them?”

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