Oatcakes, sheds and a new project

This week I really needed to some catching up, planning and admin – I have some of it done but as usual only the nice bits.

I have a new project / idea etc. I am working on a new set of work / new book idea based on sheds, huts and colourful houses. I taught my lovely Hebden Bridge ladies a class based on texture. We are all addicted to taking photos of sheds, huts and peeling paint and painting bondweb to give the effect of peeling paint.

I have also discovered Grunge Fabric designed by Moda which is just perfect for making sheds and garagesIMG_8452


I drew out lots of designs based on my photos of some local scruffy garages and the huts in Aberdeen


and finished a small long thin quilt using some Grunge fabric that Elaine from the Quilt Cabin in Hebden Bridge gave me


I started working on my International threads piece that needs to be Green and 40cm x 80cm


There are a few things that aren’t quite right. It might just end up as a teaching sample

The orange shed is Jenny allotment shed in Cullen (Patch of the Blue Shop)

Here is one of my Beach Huts teaching sample finished


I’m teaching this at Bramble Patch in June

Now I need to get it up on my website as a workshop. I just need more time to get organised.

Whilst In Scotland Sue gave me a recipe for Oatcakes, so i made some. They are a bit crumbly – maybe I need to add a bit more water / oil


Here is the recipe in brief

150g medium oatmeal

150g porridge oats

75ml oil

150ml boiling water


Mix together to make a dough, roll out and cook for 20mins 180degrees

Now I just need to try to perfect them

I had a meeting with the graphic designers today about my next project

400 kits have been on the floor of my studio for months. Now it is all in progress and they should be ready by August

The kit will make a game (similar to Ludo)

It is all based on the piece of embroidery that I bought in India

More to follow in another post







One thought on “Oatcakes, sheds and a new project

  1. I have found myself looking for interesting garages everywhere, not a good idea when driving, I did find some on my way home from our lovely day, I stopped and photographed and sat drawing in the evening. My husband has an allotment, it’s full of sheds, I plan to visit over the weekend Lynne

    Sent from my iPad Lynne Elwell Partners in policymaking 07825433517


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