This year I have skied, climbed mountains, cycled and done lots of high energy exercise classes, all very enjoyable and had no problems etc

On Sunday my daughter and I  went for a gentle 3 mile walk on the beach walking from Seahouses to Beadnell and I slipped on the seaweed, I put my hand out and banged it hard on the rock, I carried on to Beadnell. On Sunday evening and Monday it was painful but I went for another walk, and continued on as normal but took some paracetamol. All my family said it was probably just sprained. My physio son said maybe it was broken, but probably not.

I met up with a friend last night who said she thought it looked like it was broken, so Mark took me to A and E last night. I came out with a rather large cast on it, although they have said they will put a very light weight pink one on this week.

So no cycling, swimming, or any exercise classes for 6 weeks, thankfully i can still walk.

I have spent some time this morning checking trains etc and I can still get to all my teaching – I actually quite like train journeys and with a light weight pot I don’t think it is going to be too difficult. I can still draw, paint, use a pair of scissors, my computer, camera and sewing machine.

And thank you to all those people who say rest – don’t really think i want to watch TV. Maybe I might get some admin done



6 thoughts on “Whoops

  1. Gillian, whoops indeed. How incapacitating but trust you to find a way around it. Your energy levels are off the scale! Enjoy the train rides and your mode of transport for the next six weeks ….. Rest! Can’t see that happening! Sarah

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  2. How frustrating for you, you really value your health when something like this happens. Love the girly pink caste.

    I bought muslin today preparing for our next day in Hebden Take care Lynne

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  3. Good job you can still do a lot – I’m glad for your sake that it wasn’t worse. My motocross mad son recently broke both wrists……no plaster cast because he has plates in them and is not allowed to lift anything more than a cup of tea for 6 weeks, and even after that it will be a long recovery. And he’s a joiner so needs his hands!

  4. With all you do I’m surprised you noticed hehe… Have you got it in a journal quilt yet? Only a matter of time.. Give yourself some quiet time along the way to let the healing happen. Thinking of you & sending positive vibes x

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