Worcester and Shropshire

Ive just returned from teaching in Shropshire and Worcester, A challenging experience carrying a very heavy suitcase and a rucksac on public transport, it’s bad enough doing it with 2 working arms, but with one in a pink cast its an interesting and exhausting experience. I’m pleased to report that there are a lot of very helpful people out there.

To do 3 train journeys I had this number of tickets, I guess if you change trains as many times as I had to that’s what you get.


I stayed with Lesley in Whitchurch and had a wander round the small town. I loved the doors and thanks to Linda I have been researching the photography work of a Portuguese artist



I took a few photos of the doors in Whitchurch and the black and white houses and collaged them on my phone using Pic Collage App

IMG_0198IMG_0199 (1)

Yorkshire looked beautiful in the sunshine last week


and I have been photographing more doors


I am hoping my game instructions are progressing well at the Graphic Designers and they will be ready for Festival of Quilts. One of the ladies Veronica at Worcester yesterday showed me her sketch book from her travels in India and showed me the drawings she did of the same game (different name) in the museum in Mysore

They are beautiful drawings – I feel rather envious as these days I just don’t seem to have any time to sit and draw.

IMG_6129 (1)IMG_6128IMG_6130 (1)


I have made another Journal Quilt using again some of my images of Aberdeen and Cullen




3 thoughts on “Worcester and Shropshire

  1. Another blog post that made me go “Ooooohhhh…” I can’t believe someone else takes such an interest in doors. I thought it was only me! I love your quilts so much that I think I might even be persuaded to take up this type of quilting, and that’s saying something! Even my sister Kate Dowty (www.katedowty.com) hasn’t managed that! You have also persuaded me to go to the F of Q again this year. I shall get on and book my ticket.

  2. The garages look wonderful. Have you seen the doors in Dublin ? See you next week

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