Weekly update

On Saturday we walked the famous Morecambe Bay walk. It was a very grey day and rained most of the walk. I wrapped my cast in cling film, to try to stop it from getting wet and we set off.

There were 600 people walking from Arnside to Kent’s Bank, all being led by Cedric.  It is an area I know well, and know that it is miles to drive round the estuary but only 10 minutes on the train


It was a fabulous experience and the fact that it was so grey and wet did not spoil the fun and I love the photos I took. Even my husband commented that they would make a good starting point for a new Journal Quilt.






With a busy July ahead of me I decided to get ahead with my Journal Quilts and made next month’s quilt this month. Something I never do, but I thought it would be good for some teaching I am doing this week.


This will be offered as a one day course at the Quilt Cabin. Have a look at the website


Dates Wednesday 27th July, Saturday 15th October

With a left arm in plaster, yesterday was a challenge teaching 3 left handed students how to do some complicated hand stitches – raised chain band. It was all done with a lot of laughter and some frustration!

Thanks Lynne for the delicious button biscuits



I, along with Sheena Norquay and Hilary Gooding have been invited to have an exhibition of our work following our trip to South Africa at Cowslip Studios in Cornwall. I am trying to do a few more pieces for it and have a “Green” piece to do for International Threads Group so have made this piece inspired by a visit to the Durban Botanical Gardens. It was quick to make and I am really pleased with it.


This next photo is for Dorothy. Look what came in the post today!

Its a piece of Avoca blanket,bought from Fab Works in Dewsbury, so now I have a throw – all I have to do is fringe the edges.


Dealing with social media can sometimes feel hard – everyone seems to be having amazing holidays, going to fantastic places, doing incredible pieces of work. My broken wrist is not stopping me from doing much (apart from driving, cycling and body combat classes) but there are a few things that are quite difficult to do one handed. Fortunately I have use of my fingers so can type.

It is nice to get a couple of emails I received this week. Thank you. It is emails like these that really keep me enthused

“I must tell you how much I enjoyed your lecture and slides and am thrilled to see so many of the pictures in your books I have…It was great to meet you again and thank you so much for all the inspiration”

“On behalf of the our branch I would like to say a huge thank you for a great couple of days. Particularly impressive with all that you managed with one good arm!

I hope that you had a safe and trouble free journey home and managed to get on the train before the heavens opened. 

Everyone has been amazed by your energy and enthusiasm for your work and travels and we wish you well with all future projects.

Lovely to meet you”



3 thoughts on “Weekly update

  1. Thank you for your patience with my left handle attempts , good job there are three of us, we got there in the end
    It’s a lovely group of very supportive women
    Take care on your travels

  2. Gillian, I jumped when I saw the photo! Recognised it immediately & delighted you got your hands on those colours! You can imagine the happy face & curiosity of what next with it…
    I saw mugs with beach huts today in Debenhams & thought of you.. Not as colourful as yours tho.
    You make me laugh with the cling film, don’t get shrink wrapped in the heat. I got my machine repaired & have to get the bobbins next. I’m itching to get going.
    My group has an exhibition this weekend & I put my Notan in & Carina her Echinachia (both inspired by your workshops & residential) so exciting! Can’t wait for this year’s residential… Last year was such a blast.
    TC my friend x

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