Israel again


Teaching abroad is always challenging. Have I remembered everything? It can seem difficult as the terms used and methods are always different, there are new places, new people etc and living out of a suitcase is not easy.

All my teaching in Israel went well and I could show you photos of students holding up quilts but I’m never keen on seeing these type of photos.

Here are some general pictures of life in Israel


Note the gun, but normal guys, normal lifeIMG_6616


I did enjoy meeting Yael – the Madeira Israel sales rep ( who had a broken wrist as well- hers looked a bit cleaner than mine)

She gave me some of the Decora 12 to try – I am very impressed with the thread and I shall be using more of it in the future. When I have some time to do some decent samples I will post some images

Check it out – use a top stitch needle and you shouldn’t have too much trouble but don’t put in in the bobbin.

I have stayed with my friend Shoshi several times, I love staying with her for many reasons one reason being that she lives so close to the sea in Bat Yam. I love walking along the beach in the early morning and at sun set.



On Saturday we were invited to join a grafitti tour of the Florentine area of Tel Aviv. Effie gave us an entertaining tour – he was such a knowledgeable guide.


We even managed a trip to the cinema to see “You before Me” – Don’t go without a hankie

The next few days I stayed with Leeanne who has become another dear friend. We did lots of lovely things in Jaffa like photograph doors, and go “wow” at something that nobody other than a serious textile artist would see.

I have lots of photos!


We had some good street food, wandered into the shops, chatted, visited Sedona market, went to the arts and crafts market, bought fabric, and had a few days of looking at things that I love. We did squeeze in a little culture by going to to Diaspera Jewish museum,

There was a quote in the Jewish museum that I really liked


but didn’t go into the Design Museum, as the exhibition I wanted to see was not on yet, the outside is spectacular.

IMG_6772 IMG_6801

I have visited Jerusalem several times and still get a tingle when I see the Dome of the Rock.

IMG_7661I love wandering the souq, bought a few pieces of textiles and visited the Palestinian Heritage Museum. I also went to see some good friends who live there.

IMG_7550 IMG_7532

I have always been interested in ethnic textiles, and was invited to go to Beer Sheva where I met up with Melissa and Judy. We visited Lakiya to see the embroidery and the weaving. It is such an inspiring place to visit, the women are paid for their stitching which gives them independence. It reminded me so much of the Indian cooperatives that I have been involved with. The one thing that struck me that was so different was that the Bedouin men can have several wives, which must make life even harder for the women. The project really showed how embroidery can have such a positive role to play in the lives of women.

Look at the shapes of the concrete memorial structure we visited and the photo of national bird the Hoopee

IMG_7715 IMG_7681


My final day was spent in Ramla, a place that many said was not worth visiting, but I found it such an interesting place thanks to Moshe, our friend and knowledgeable guide who showed us round.

IMG_7949 IMG_7916 IMG_7980 IMG_8029

I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to go to Israel again, do lots of teaching, see some amazing places, meet some talented quilters, spend time with  friends, make new friends (who I hope I will see again), and enjoy the fabulous food and sunshine.


Perhaps, if you are a nervous traveller you might not enjoy Israel, but I had a brilliant time.

Thanks to all the ladies who gave me such a good time.


I have hundreds of photos but posting and sharing them will have to wait




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