Gone global

I just don’t know how it happens some time, but occasionally a quilt of mine will get shared on a website / facebook page etc and then the number of people looking at my website goes sky high.

This week it has been my turnip quilt.




I have had messages from someone in Moscow asking me if they could  buy it and another one that made my day.

“Beautiful, beautiful work! Also love your piece (not sure of the title) of the spice pots. Simple but exquisite!

Thank you for being out there, creating such beauty. I needed a lift this morning and you’ve given me that, thank you!”

Here is another lovely email

Firstly, let me express my admiration to your quilts and other art! it’s wonderful. Yesterday my mother sent me a facebook link. so bright colours, so much life in it. I subscribed on your page :).

secondly, the question! do you sell the bettrave quilt? I would buy it and pay the delivery to Moscow, Russia. Or maybe I could pay you for the image in a very good quality, I would really print this picture for my kitchen maybe. It’s so cool andso violet! 🙂

Here is another small JQ I made this week


I sent an image of it to my friend in Israel with the words

“Walk out of your door at 7am and you might meet these 2 ladies”

This week I made one of my favourite Sunday morning breakfasts for some friends




It is great following an energetic exercise class, Best eaten with some proper hummus – Sainsburys sell the best (not their own make but one with a green lid)

I’ve been on a lot of trains lately and I was sorting through some of my India photos and I found these and thought perhaps I should share some of these photos of the children – happy memories



3 thoughts on “Gone global

  1. As if I can’t get more excited to see you & your beautiful work at FOQ but there you go & inspire me all over again. Love following your blog. Happy days!

  2. Such inspirational work, love the turnips and always get a buzz when looking at your work. Look forward to seeing you later this week,
    Ann, Suffolk

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