New Quilt

I’ve inherited this quilt. So what can anyone tell me about it?

I think it is was probably made in Northumberland and probably Victorian.

The back is white and the edging is machine stitched. There are no laundry marking numbers on the edge

It isn’t worth much but it is rather nice.



4 thoughts on “New Quilt

  1. Lilian Hedley is the person you need to talk to. There is nothing so
    He doesn’t know about north country quilts. I love it.

  2. Lovely quilting, Jenny who teaches quilting knows quite a bit about the history of quilts if you want me to ask. Lynne

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  3. I found a reference to your quilt in a book; apparently these ‘strippy quilts’ are typical of the North East and are probably early 20th century. I’ll bring the book next time we meet. love your photos; how interesting hat the Russian lady loved your beetroot quilt! Jill

  4. I think you’re right. Strippy quilts are like the Durham whole cloth quilts. You could also check with Barbara Chainey or Quilters’ Guild of course.

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