Festival of Quilts

I’m back from 5 days at The Festival of Quilts. I work so hard to get everything ready for it that by the time I get there I am quite nervous about it all – Will anyone like my new work? Will anyone buy anything etc etc?

By Thursday lunchtime I am usually beginning to relax a little.

The day after the show I am usually feeling a bit like a zombie, and wander aimlessly around my studio etc, but today i have been sorting things and trying to get organised, and trying to work out what direction I should go in the future.

I am really trying to reduce the amount of teaching I do and concentrate on only the best.

I think i had better do some more “sardines” quilts and some more houses quilts as everyone seemed to really like them.


I never get much chance to see any of the quilts, these are some of them that caught my eye


We had a lovely evening with one of the judges and we were asking her why one of the quilts won a first prize – it was really interesting, the first thing she said was that many of the quilts did not fulfil the rules of entry of that category. I made my game and entered it in the quilt creation category, and when I read the judges comment it said it was not 3D

So my game. I made it based on the idea of Pachisi – an Indian game like ludo and now have some kits for sale.

Here is my entry


It was stitched using Decora 12 – a Madeira thread given to me by Madeira Israel


It comes in such fabulous colours and is so easy to use. Don’t use it in the bobbin and use a top stitch needle and you shouldn’t have any problems.

They also gave me some frosted matt thread but i have yet to use it


Back to Festival of Quilts. I did loads of teaching this year – I was offered it, but next year I will go back to just session a day.

Thanks to all my helpers my stand was managed in my absence wonderfully by Fiona, Lesley, Shoshi, Dorothy and Carina


I was lucky this year to be given (without having to pay for it) a little extra space, however I did have to pay for an extra light.

It was lovely to meet up with students and friends from all over the world. There is such an fabulous atmosphere – everyone looks like they are having fun. I spoke to a very sweet lady who said she hadn’t been able to sleep well for 3 weeks she had been so excited at being able to come and have a day off by herself.

I was given a beautiful book by my friend Shoshi. I love the colours of the Palestinian costume. Now I just need some time to look at it


I was given another book. This one is all in Polish but look at the patterns / illustration.

You can see why i like it

Thanks Madeline


There is never much chance to buy much from all the shops but i did buy some fabric. I liked this as it is shaded and I have a plan to use it on one of my next projects

Its a moda fabric


Watch this space!

More thread came today for me. This time it is from Mettler as I am going to use their thread for my workshops in Maastricht in Holland in October


Yes it is variegated! I have a plan, this is for 2017, but the grey is for 2016

Now….so much admin etc to catch up with.







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